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Why Haunted Flagstaff?

Flagstaff is known by many names: The City of Seven Wonders, Arizona’s Mountain Town and the Dark Sky City, to name just a few. At Haunted Flagstaff, we like to say we became a town with ghosts rather than a ghost town. Our tours tell the Anglicized history of this area. Native Americans have lived in Northern Arizona for centuries and their tradition is rich and complex. Hopefully we’ll have a tour (or two) in the future that weaves in the stories of the Navajos, Hopis, Sinaguas and other tribes who roamed this land long before the white settlers. But for now, know this history and the freaky tales we tell of downtown are rooted in the 1870s forward. There were many factors that played into Flagstaff becoming the city it is today. In the mid-1800s Beale’s expedition made its way across the northern region, scouting a path to the Pacific Ocean. After Beales Road was established, sheepherders and cattlemen travelled the route into the Promiced Land– otherwise known as California. However, when drought and locusts hit the Pacific Coast, a few of the herdsmen remembered the lush green lands and temperate climate around the San Francisco Peaks. They retraced their steps and built their homes, becoming the first white settlers in Northern Arizona. In the early 1880s, work on the Atlantic-Pacific Railroad resumed. As the tracks neared this tiny settlement, a whole town sprang up overnight to serve the gandy dancers and other workers.The railroad crew was stuck here longer than most areas and some of the workers vowed to return. Others were said to have quit the railroad and settled here in the cool pines. Why? Well, one E.E. Ayers, an entrepreneur from back East, saw the potential in the Ponderosa Pine forest that defines this area. Only three weeks after the first locomotive chugged through town, Ayer’s lumber mill blew its whistle, signaling the first day of business at a mill that lasted almost 50 years. While work there could be dangerous, the pay was good and the job was stable. Men with steady jobs are more likely to have a family, and a town with families is one that needs schools, churchs, grocers, etc. And, just to close this circle, the town’s employers were inclined to invest in their community–which they did, to the benefit of all. While Flagstaff has grown throughout the decades to become a regional center in Northern Arizona, the historic downtown has retained many of the buildings and bars that were here at the turn of the century. The stories behind the Weatherford Hotel and the Orpheum Theatre are not just about the buildings. John Weatherford–another entrepreneur–was a real character who strutted the wooden sidewalks in front of his hotel. James Vail, owner of the popular Parlor Saloon, was also a mover and shaker in this growing community. Before J.D. Walkup became known as a tragic figure in Flagstaff he guided the town through its post-Depression growing pains. All of these figures–as well as many, many others– are featured prominently in Flagstaff’s history as well as in Freaky Foot Tours nightly ventures. So join us on a tour through historic Flagstaff–the good, the bad and the freakishly ghostly!

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Join Freaky Foot Tours Explore the spine-chilling history and mysteries of the city after dark. Our expert guides are ready to take you through the notorious lanes that have tales of ghosts, unexplained mysteries, and unsolved crimes! Experience history like never before and venture on a journey you will remember for a lifetime. You might even get a little freaked out…

Monte Vista Hotel

The Ghostly Tales of Downtown Flagstaff

Witness the hauntings that linger in downtown Flagstaff. A place where sparkling aspen trees meet timeless architecture, the downtown area is more than just a mountain town.

The Paranormal Past of Flagstaff Downtown

Many Flagstaff public libraries hold an eerie connection to the town’s haunted history. Legend has it, a few patrons never really left the library and committed suicide, and their spirits still roam. Today, these ghostly tales serve as an integral part of the Flagstaff city-Coconino county public library history, making it one of the haunted places in Flagstaff.

Haunted Places in Downtown Flagstaff

With tales as chilling as the winter wind, downtown Flagstaff haunted history tour promises an intense experience. From the "Room Service wasn't found until three days" at the freaky Hotel Monte Vista, to the haunted houses that abound, the paranormal activity in this town will send shivers down your spine.

Ghost Stories from the Local Public Library

The libraries in Flagstaff are said to be haunted. Patrons have reported strange occurrences and chilling sightings that contribute to making downtown Flagstaff’spublic library an iconic haunted location.

Experiencing the Haunt of Hotel Monte Vista

The Monte Vista Hotel is a cornerstone of Flagstaff’s paranormal history. Built in 1926, the hotel has witnessed countless ghosts stories and specter sightings, making it one of Arizona’s major haunted destinations.

The Haunted History of Room 305

One of the most haunted locations of the Hotel Monte Vista is Room 305. Many guests have reported eerie encounters of ghostly figures. It's often said that the past lodgers still haven’t checked out from Room 305 permanently.

Rocking Chair Hauntings: The Spooky Tale of Room 220

Room 220 has its share of ghostly narratives. Legend speaks of a woman in a rocking chair whose ghost still haunts the room and is often seen by the guests.

Ghostly Roams in the Famed Monte Vista Hotel

Hotel Monte Vista is considered a paranormal hub. Guests often encounter spectral residents in the corridors, and it is not uncommon to hear the whispers of unseen guests discussing their ghostlyroam about the hotel.


The Historic Haunting of Weatherford Hotel

The historic Weatherford Hotel carries a legacy of hauntings and eerie apparitions. Visit the chilling rooms and hallways of the most hauntedhotel in Flagstaff.

Weatherford Hotel: A Paranormal Hub in Northern Arizona

Weatherford has acquired the reputation of being a paranormal hub. Residents and guests have reported countless encounters with spirits, particularly around room 54, contributing deeply to the haunted history of the Weatherford Hotel.

The Ghastly History of Room 54

Many guests at the Weatherford Hotel tell creepy stories of Room 54. Predictably, it is often reported as being haunted by a ghost who isn't ready to check out. Perhaps, 'Zane Grey' is still residing in his old room, adding to the spooky aura of the site.

1926 Paranormal Activity in the Emerson Room

The Emerson Room at Weatherford Hotel also has its share of ghastliness. Dating back to 1926, it is known for spectral forms appearing late at night, creating an eerie atmosphere of unseen inhabitants.

Freaky Foot Tours: Exploring Flagstaff’s Ghostly Side

Experience the creepy side of the old West with Freaky Foot Tours. Walking through haunted locations in this mountain town is an adventure not for the faint-hearted.

The Ghostly Tour of Downtown Flagstaff: A Walking History

Join the Freaky Foot Tours and explore the haunted history of downtown Flagstaff. These walking tours will give you a peek into the ghostly past and tales hidden in the heart of the town.

Haunted Houses: The Spine-Chilling Sites of the Freaky Foot Tours

Freaky Foot Tours are well-known for visiting haunted houses around town. This ensures that guests get to experience the most chilling sites of Flagstaff’s ghostly history.

Narratives of the Old West: Ghostly Stories from the Freaky Foot Tours

Armed with illuminated lanterns, walk the streets where tales of hauntings and ghostly figures are part of the everyday life. Learn about the dark past and eerie narratives of the old West through Freaky Foot Tours.

The Haunted Scene of Theatrikos and Orpheum

The ghostly tales are incomplete without delving into the haunted history of Theatrikos and Orpheum theatres in Flagstaff. Come, experience the haunt of the performance space.

The Paranormal Acts of Theatrikos Theatre

The Theatrikos Theatre, home to many legendary performances, is rich with haunted history. Witnesses claim to have seen spectral shapes moving on stage, adding an extra drama to this surprising location.

Haunted Events in the Orpheum Theatre

Flagstaff's Orpheum Theatre is no stranger to the paranormal. Many patrons have reported ghostly figures around the theatre and even odd prop movements, creating an eerie presence during performances.

The Discord of Ghostly Melodies: Unveiling Orpheum’s Haunted History

Orpheum Theatre is renowned for its ghostly melodies. Whether it's wistful songs from the past or otherworldly sounds from the Orpheum’s haunted history, the discord of these melodies are sure to send a chill down your spine.


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