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Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

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Mountain Town Of Madness, Adult Tour

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Flagstaff Haunted Pub Crawl

Spirits With The Spirits, Haunted Pub Crawl

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Join the premier walking tour of historic downtown Flagstaff, where we’ll hit up all the haunts worth hanging out in! Freaky Foot Tours of Flagstaff is locally owned and has operated foot haunted tours in Northern Arizona since 2015. We’ve grown from offering haunted tours strictly for seasonal Halloween adventures leading small groups to offering several haunted tours a week, seven months of the year for entire bus loads! Our freaky guides are home-grown performers who love to get their freak flag flying–and they’re looking forward to walking you through the darker side of Flagstaff’s history and streets.

Downtown Flagstaff Haunted Tour
Downtown Flagstaff Ghost Tour

The Flagstaff Haunted Past, AZ Story

Haunted Flagstaff, A History

Once upon a time in the mid-1800s Flagstaff was home to a few sheep herders and ranchers who settled the land under the Homestead Act. That all changed when the railroad came through around 1892 and the tiny settlement at the base of the San Francisco Peaks sprouted saloons and gambling halls (and a few merchandising stores) almost overnight. The town avoided the fate of many a railroad boom town because of the foresight of businessmen like E.E. Ayer, who opened the town’s saw mill just weeks after the first train ran through. The saw mill provided steady employment for men and their families and where there are families, churches, schools and mercantile ventures sprang up. Not that the saloons and bars disappeared! The vices of the West remained and many a colorful character was known to wander the town, looking for a gun fight or a game of poker to pass his time.

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Freaky Foot Tours

I did the Halloween ghost tour of Flagstaff with a bunch of friends and wow was it fun. Dre's stories not only where interesting they also had a lot of humor and theatrics to it. As someone who has lived here for nearly a decade I also learned a ton about local history and events. I would, and have, recommended this for others and will definitely go and do another tour in the future.

Sean Parson


Excellent tour with great stories. Dre does a wonderful job narrating and setting up the story, while dealing with the normal city noise behind him expertly. Flagstaff has quite a bit to discuss within easy walking distance to City Hall. Definitely worth checking out, but make sure to dress warmly!! There's not as much walking to keep you warm as you'd think as everything is so close together.

Demi Vis


Flagstaff Freaky Foottours was one of the highlights of my trip to Northern Arizona. Though I am not normally into "scary stories" and was not sure what to expect, it was honestly wonderful! Yes, they were ghost stories, but the tour also presented a new side of Flagstaff history that I would have otherwise never heard about. It was honestly fascinating! The tour guide was very informed and personable and the entire tour was just overall very organized. Would absolutely recommend! :)

Bridget De Marco


Revel the Devil and Freaky Foot Tours is a "Must have" on any trip to Flagstaff. Went on the Spirits with the Spirits Haunted Pub Crawl and had the BEST time! Revel was kind, charismatic, HILARIOUS, informative and took us to the best places. Loved the stories and group interactions. Revel definitely deserves 10 stars but sadly Google only allows me to give him 5. Thanks for the AMAZING experience Revel!! I can't wait to come back and go on the tour again!!

Holli Hendricks


Went on a tour last weekend with Michelle and it was amazing! They were super informative and very good at answering all the questions the people in the group had. One of my friends and I both had a couple experiences along the tour in different spots. Definitely bring some water/drink and a snack if you hadn't eaten before because there's a lot of amazing restaurants to smell along the way. Looking forward to coming back and doing the tour again this time at night to be in a different atmosphere. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!

Anung Un Rama


Our tour guide was Heathen Steven! He was amazing! I highly recommend this tour and guide. We can't wait to book our next tour!

Rochelle Bateman


Michelle did an AWESOME job as our tour Guide! I would highly recommend this LOCAL business rather than the others in town.

Derek York


Steven the Heathen was an absolutely amazing guide. He was knowledgeable, patient, and an extremely funny guy! My husband and I throughly enjoyed our time and the stories we were told. The history of Flagstaff was fascinating and the town buzzes more now with untold stories everywhere!

Chyann Smith


We were in town visiting and found this tour online. We had such an amazingly spooky time. Our tour guide was Revel the Devil and he kept us so engaged and entertained. He made sure everyone was comfortable all along the way. I would highly recommend this tour and hopefully you get the chance to be guided by Revel.

Tonya Collins


Me and three of my lifelong best girlfriends went on the tour with “Rebel the devil”. We had a great time the stories were interesting and the way they were told was very well done. Our guide was very theatrical which added to the fun and was always willing to answer questions & Engage with all the people on the tour. If I’m in the area again I’m sure I would do it again and find out more about what went on in the past. Thanks for the fun!

Debbie DeSoto


Steve was amazing.. best vibe. He had a lot of information about the town and it's hauntings definitely doing some research on it. Never a dull moment had an amazing time for sure thank you so much Steve. Definitely going to recommend you to people

Jennifer Reyes


We did the tour with Michelle. There was a good group, and the tour was very engaging and also gave us some history of Flagstaff, which we enjoyed as we had never been before. A great hour or so which I would recommend.

Christopher Vincent


As a local, it was so fun to learn about the haunted history of Flagstaff. The tour guide was very engaging and entertaining. I highly recommend this tour!

Jessi Armfield


My wife booked this for us on a weekend getaway. I was hesitant, didn’t think it would be anything I would want to do. I begrudgingly went. To my surprise I really enjoyed it. Our tour guide was very entertaining and the stories of events and the way he told them was captivating. I have referred friends they have to take the tour. They wouldn’t regret it. 10/10 would recommend

Heath Upchurch


A great experience! The tour guide Michelle was very insightful and entertaining during the tour. Learned a lot about historic flagstaff and the spirits that haunt it.

jack capifoni


Freaky foot tours is a great time! Steven the heathen knows his flagstaff history the bars/restaurants have fantastic drinks! I even met someone from my hometown in a different state if you’re visiting flagstaff this tour is a must!

John Kalina


Went on the Cemetery tour with my wife and father and had a great time. Dreadful Dre was an awesome host, providing interesting historical insights into the buried dead as well as playful banter. Man, that last story was a doozy... Highly recommend if you're into history, Flagstaff, and/or the dead ;). Also, I'm a bit of a sticker collector for our luggage as we travel and their stickers (especially the Lowell Observatory one) are great in quality and art.

Gabriel Adauto


We went on the Haunted Pub Crawl with Steven the Heathen and it was awesome for Halloweekend! He’s a great storyteller and you can tell he knows his stuff. This is a great way to be introduced to the history of flag!

Taylor Goodyear


This was an awesome Saturday date night! Very entertaining and a perfect activity for Halloween weekend, but also any time of year. The venues were also fun and enhanced the local Flagstaff feel.

Ben Jensen


Such a fun group activity! Dre does an amazing job of being Flagstaff's creepiest tour guide while recounting some of our little town's most haunting stories. I've lived here for 10 years and learned so much! Don't forget to bring cash to tip.

Alexandra Kulig


Absolutely spooky! Our tour guide, adorned with a fabulous bedazzled cane, gave us a wonderful tour of the historically haunted spots of downtown Flagstaff. Haunts and laughs for everyone to enjoy. I could not recommend these tours more!

Kaylee Jean


Really enjoyed the tour. Our tour guide was Michelle ! She definitely made the experience phenomenal. Definitely learned about Flagstaff and it’s haunted areas! The train and background noises and also the weather made the experience even better!!! Wear comfortable shoes and bundle up. They do lend you umbrellas if needed. Recommend!!

Emma Zamano


Took a fantastic haunted tour with Steven the Heathen. The destinations had us seated right away with fast service and guided stories at destinations. Left getting to know people in the tour, a fantastic night. Highly recommended for a spooky night!

Erika K


Had a great time with Revel as our tour guide. We loved hearing the stories and his performance of the tales was magnificent. It would be nice if we had gotten to go into at least one of the places.

Jessica Bowers

Freaky Foot Tours - Original Flagstaff Ghost Tours

Uncovering the Ghosts of Flagstaff

Freaky Foot Tours is a local company that has been leading paranormal explorations in Flagstaff for over five years. Their knowledgeable guides are well-versed in the town's quirky past and eccentric characters, and they know exactly where the ghosts like to hang out. On their tours, you'll visit some of the most haunted locations in Flagstaff, learning about the spirits that continue to linger in these historic sites.

Haunted Flagstaff

Discover the Ghostly Tales of this Historic Mountain Town

Flagstaff, Arizona, a picturesque mountain town known for its rich history, Northern Arizona University, and the surrounding Ponderosa pine forest, is also home to some of the most haunted locations in the state. Founded in 1881, Flagstaff has a storied past filled with intriguing ghost stories that continue to captivate both locals and visitors alike. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the eerie tales and haunted locations that make up the fascinating world of haunted Flagstaff.

Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff Ghost Tour
Route 66, Flagstaff Haunted Tours

The Ghosts of Arizona's Route 66

Part of Haunted Flagstaff History

Running from Chicago to Los Angeles, the historic Route 66 has long been a symbol of freedom and the open road, carrying generations of travelers through the heart of America. Along this iconic stretch of highway, you'll find numerous haunted towns, but Arizona's portion of the route is perhaps the most paranormal-active of them all. This section of Route 66 holds a special place in haunted Flagstaff history.

Downtown Flagstaff's Ghostly Encounters

Downtown Flagstaff is known for its historic preservation and lively atmosphere, but it's also a hub for paranormal activity. From the haunted Weatherford Hotel and Hotel Monte Vista to the eerie Doris Harper-White Community Playhouse, downtown Flagstaff offers a wealth of ghostly encounters for those brave enough to explore.

Haunted Flagstaff Tour

The Haunted Flagstaff Tours

Downtown Flagstaff is known for its historic preservation and lively atmosphere, but it's also a hub for paranormal activity. From the haunted Weatherford Hotel and Hotel Monte Vista to the eerie Doris Harper-White Community Playhouse, downtown Flagstaff offers a wealth of ghostly encounters for those brave enough to explore.

Haunted Flagstaff Tour

Private Tours and Pub Crawls

In addition to their regular tours, Freaky Foot Tours also offers private tours and pub crawls for those who want a more intimate experience of haunted Flagstaff. Whether you're a local or just visiting, these tours are an unforgettable way to explore the town's spooky side.

Haunted Flagstaff is a fascinating world of ghost stories and paranormal activity that awaits those who dare to explore. From its historic hotels and theaters to its eerie public library and haunted convention center, Flagstaff offers a wealth of spine-tingling encounters for ghost hunters and history buffs alike. Whether you choose to experience these haunted locations on a guided tour, a private exploration, or simply by visiting downtown Flagstaff, be prepared for a thrilling adventure into the unknown.

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