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Flagstaff Ghost Tour

Freaky Foot Tours - Flagstaff's Premier Haunted Walking Tour

About Our Ghost Tour

Welcome to Freaky Foot Tours’ downtown Flagstaff historic ghost tour! Are you ready to Freak the Peak–or just peek into the freaky side of our little town?! Either way, we’re happy you chose us to lead you through the streets of downtown Flag. Your guide is well-versed in both the city’s history and the present-day hauntings that brought many a ghost hunter up the mountain in search of the supernatural.

On our downtown historic ghost tour you’ll be regaled with stories about the people who settled this town around 1900. As written elsewhere, this is the Anglicized history of Flagstaff’s beginnings; we don’t have the knowledge or background to relay stories of the Native Peoples. However, we can tell the tale of the Weatherford Hotel, Dr. Raymond, the train depot, the Hotel Monte V, Marie Walkup and others. Flagstaff was a second home to both the famous and the infamous, and some loved it so much they never left! Check out the Public Library and see if you glimpse Emerson the Ghost; look up at the Weatherford balcony and beware of pelting ice cubes; peer through the windows of Dr. Raymond’s former office and listen for the barking of his beloved corgi. Flagstaff has such a ghoulish reputation that TV’s Dead Files conducted a search of the town in October 2021.

We do not go inside any of the buildings on our historic downtown tour; however, you’re always welcome to return to one after the tour is complete. Our guides are steeped in local knowledge and will happily steer you toward the spirits of your choice. We may even have a discount you can apply so be sure to ask. In any event, we hope you enjoy your tour so much you return to us, again and again and again…

Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

What To Expect on Your Guided Tour

When the day and time have arrived you’ll meet your group at the proper location. We ask our guests to arrive five to ten minutes early so your guide has time to greet your party and check you in. The guide will have the night’s itinerary at hand so your job is to show up in comfortable clothes and walking shoes and be prepared for whatever pops up during the tour. Several of our guests have captured orbs on phone cameras so feel free to snap away. Freaky Tours would love it if you share any images you capture and we’re working on a website where images and experiences can be shared.


True-Crime Tales Of Murder, Suicide, Arson And Rivalry Await You…

Freaky Foot Tours - Flagstaff's Premier Haunted Walking Tour