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Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour
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Frequently Asked Questions

Freaky Foot Tours - Flagstaff's Premier Haunted Walking Tour

Frequently Asked Freaky Questions About Our Tours

What do you know about Flagstaff’s haunted history? What is a guided tour anyways? Read on to find out more and reach out if you need help with anything else.

+ What is an escorted / guided tour?

Are you new to the area or just looking to learn more about your hometown? A guided tour is the perfect way to experience everything Flagstaff’s haunted past has to offer. While any type of exploration is good in our books, a guided tour offers guests the chance to let an expert storyteller guide their haunted history experience. Our guides are local actors and creatives who are fully vaccinated and absolutely love showing other people Flagstaff’s haunted past. So sit back (figuratively!) and enjoy all the benefits of a guided tour with Freaky Foot Tours today!

Escorted tours, also known as packaged tours, follow a specific route and are led by a guide who is knowledgeable on the subject matter. Freaky Foot Tours are walking tours, with the main one taking place through downtown Flagstaff. It is a historical tour that includes stories gathered through the years of ghostly sightings and haunted happenings inside some of the establishments.

+ What is a haunted / ghost tour?

Generally a haunted ghost tour is walking, biking or riding on a specific route through a town like Flagstaff, but sometimes through a house, cemetery or other place that has a reputation of being haunted by ghosts or spirits of the dead. Freaky Foot Tours is a walk (that’s why we’re foot tours!) led by a local guide knowledgeable in the stories told through-out the decades of ghostly sightings, strange noises/voices that people have reported hearing and eerie phenomena that has occurred.

We also want to impart a bit of Flagstaff’s history–sometimes it’s a big part of the haunting! Our ghost tours explore the sordid Wild West history of Flagstaff, Arizona through the historic downtown area and across Route 66 into the tales of death and depravity only the dead can tell.

+ Are you ghost hunters?

While we are ghost hunters in our free time, at this moment we do not have a strictly ghost hunting tour. It’s something that we are deeply passionate about and want to bring to our guests in the near future. If you have had a ghost encounter, please share it with us!

+ A little bit of Flagstaff, AZ History

Once upon a time Flagstaff was a tiny settlement that sat in the shadow of the San Francisco Peaks. In the mid-1800s the only white settlers were sheepherders and ranchers. All that changed when the Atlantic Pacific Railroad powered its way through in 1882. Like all areas where men toiled at laying the tracks for the great trains, a thriving community popped up around them. Saloons, cafes, gambling halls–there was no end of people ready and willing to help the workers spend their money! Many of these little settlements collapsed as the railroad workers moved on with their work, but Flagstaff had something those towns didn’t. Less than three weeks after the first train chugged through town the whistle on E.E. Ayers sawmill blew. It was open for business–and it was good, steady work for any man who wanted it. Where there was employment you usually found men with families–and where there were families, you usually found churches, schools, merchandising–in other words, the beginnings of a civilized town! The saloons and gambling halls and the women of the night didn’t go away completely–but the town quickly took on a different flavor than most of Arizona.

Outside of its rich history with Native American tribes– which would require several books to document– Flagstaff was first settled by sheep herders and ranchers in the mid-1800s. It was the laying of track for the Atlantic Pacific Railroad in 1882 that sparked the growth of a real town. Wherever the railroad went, men were needed. They worked long days and were paid real money that saloon keepers and grocers and ladies of the evening were only too happy to help them spend! Most small railroad settlements disintegrated as the track layers moved on, but Flagstaff had something most towns didn’t–the largest contingent Ponderosa Pine forest west of the Mississippi. Pine meant lumber and lumber was used by almost everyone in those days–in making railroad ties, building homes–you name it! No sooner after the first train went through than the Ayer’s lumber mill opened, offering good paying jobs and steady work for men and their families. The lumber mills, as well as the availability of the railroad, allowed Flagstaff to grow and continued to provide opportunities for the town’s people.

+ Do you tour underground tunnels?

The Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour is approximately 1 mile along city sidewalks. We take a semi leisurely pace with lots of stops to hear about all the ghost stories along the way. We recommend guests wear comfortable shoes and dress to their comfort level for the temperature. If you need special accommodation please let us know, we want everyone to be able to experience our towns wild haunted past with us.

+ Are tours open?

We now operate on every month of the year, and are open from January through December. During the spring we run tours Thursday through Sunday a couple times a day, and during the summer we expand to most days of the week with many tour time availability. Not surprisingly, October is our busiest month and as such we run tours every day of the week with even more tour times available. Make sure to reserve your Freaky Foot Tours Haunted History Tour before your ideal time slot gets booked solid.

+ Is Freaky Foot Tours Locally Owned?

Yes! We are the first and only locally owned ghost tour business in Flagstaff. Both our founders have lived in Flagstaff for over 30 years and Suzanne Johnson actually wrote the books on Flagstaff's haunted past.

+ Do Ghost Tours Still Happen If It's Raining?

Up here in Northern Arizona the weather can change dozens of times a day, so we've become very good at knowing when to cancel. We’re leading tours wind or snow, rain or shine-–and don't worry we carry lots of umbrellas if you need one! We will always let you know at least one hour prior to the tour if we need to cancel due to extreme weather.

+ Can I Bring My Dog On The Tour?

We love our furry friends at Freaky Foot Tours and the Downtown Haunted History and Mountain Town Of Madness tours both take place on city sidewalks so well behaved leashed dogs are allowed. Downtown Flagstaff can get very loud and busy so we only recommend this if you think your dog won't get anxious.

Current Tour Times

5:00PM and 7:00PM (March, April and November)

6:30 and 8:30 (May, June, July, August, September and October)

Private Tours available on request and by availability.

Start Location:

Meeting across from the steps of City Hall 211 W Aspen Ave, Flagstaff, AZ 86001.

More Questions?

True-Crime Tales Of Murder, Suicide, Arson And Rivalry Await You…

Freaky Foot Tours - Flagstaff's Premier Haunted Walking Tour