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Dreadful Dre

Freaky Foot Tours - Flagstaff's Premier Haunted Walking Tour


Dreadful Dre grew up on the dusty, tumbleweed ridden streets of the west Texas town of El Paso, but has been rolling down the rocky roads of Flagstaff for nearly two decades now. His gothic western garb has been inspired by the ever present spectral subject matter and deadly details of this forested frontier town. Dre delights in presenting these tales of mystery and the macabre, in a fashion some would describe as: a little bit too knowledgeable. Dre’s knowledge and devotion to the topics of true crime and the occult are truly a thing of beauty, and he feels lucky to share even just an ounce of that with anyone who attends his tours. Listen close and keep both eyes peeled because Dreadful Dre will shed some light on the darker corners of Flagstaff’s haunted history.

Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

What To Expect on Your Guided Tour

When the day and time have arrived you’ll meet your group at the proper location. We ask our guests to arrive five to ten minutes early so your guide has time to greet your party and check you in. The guide will have the night’s itinerary at hand so your job is to show up in comfortable clothes and walking shoes and be prepared for whatever pops up during the tour. Several of our guests have captured orbs on phone cameras so feel free to snap away. Freaky Tours would love it if you share any images you capture and we’re working on a website where images and experiences can be shared.


True-Crime Tales Of Murder, Suicide, Arson And Rivalry Await You…

Freaky Foot Tours - Flagstaff's Premier Haunted Walking Tour