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Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour
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About Freaky Foot Tours Flagstaff

True-Crime Tales Of Murder, Suicide, Arson And Rivalry Await You...

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Our Spooky Story

Join the premier walking tour of historic downtown Flagstaff, where we’ll hit up all the haunts worth hanging out in! Freaky Foot Tours of Flagstaff is locally owned and has operated foot tours in Northern Arizona since 2015. We’ve grown from offering haunted tours strictly for seasonal Halloween adventures leading small groups to offering several tours a week, seven months of the year for entire bus loads! Our freaky guides are home-grown performers who love to get their freak flag flying–and they’re looking forward to walking you through the darker side of Flagstaff’s history and streets.

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Freaky Foot Tours grew out of Susan Johnson’s curiosity about the town’s beginnings starting in the late 1800s. Between work and raising a family she found time to support the local historical society by attending lectures, taking tours and participating in festivals. Later she followed-up by researching the town fathers–and mothers!– at the local library. As the decades passed she found more time to delve into the history of her adopted town and was drawn to the eerie and mysterious side of Flagstaff. When she discovered that most of the people she met didn’t know the stories, Susan knew it was time to start up a tour.

We’re growing toward being the number one haunted history tour in Flagstaff–and we’re working on so much more to offer! This town has a wild and freaky, rich and creative history behind it and it won’t change any time soon. So call us now and come on downtown for your peek into Flagstaff’s eerie past.

The Freaky Foot Tours Team and Guides

Nick Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

Nefarious Nick

Meet Nick

The mind behind the madness of all that is Freaky Foot Tours Flagstaff, Nefarious Nick saw the need to get folks out and about and talking about the wonderfully rich and remarkably spooky history of Flagstaff. Nefarious Nick, has grown this company from the ground up and has curated the experience that tour guests will take, to ensure they get the most Boo! for their buck!

Nick Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

Ghostly Gracie

Meet Gracie

Gracie works behind the scenes to make sure that projects run without a fright. An international educator turned project manager, Gracie loves sharing Flagstaff’s historic and eccentric past with visitors from all over the globe. From guide onboarding to new tour launches, she ensures the guest and guide experience is the best in town!

Susan Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

Supernatural Susan

Meet Susan

Supernatural Susan is the lifeblood of this tour company and is fully responsible for all of the information presented within each tour. Much like a walking encyclopedia, Susan knows Flagstaff backwards and forwards, and loves to share even a fraction of all of that information to anyone who will listen. And with all the info she’s got, who wouldn’t want to listen?

Rafael Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

Renegade Rafael

Meet Rafael

Originally coming all the way from Brazil, Renegade Rafael has traveled the world and seen many sights that some of us could only wish to see. However, something in Flagstaff stopped him dead in his tracks, and he knew he had to be a part of it. Enter, Freaky Foot Tours Flagstaff. Rafael now assists in scheduling and making sure the ship runs as smoothly as it possibly can, and what a wonderful captain he is!

Meet Your Haunted Tour Guides

Dre Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

Dreadful Dre

Dreadful Dre grew up on the dusty, tumbleweed ridden streets of the west Texas town of El Paso, but has been rolling down the rocky roads of Flagstaff for nearly two decades now. His gothic western garb has been inspired by the ever present spectral subject matter and deadly details of this forested frontier town. Dre delights in presenting these tales of mystery and the macabre, in a fashion some would describe as: a little bit too knowledgeable. Dre’s knowledge and devotion to the topics of true crime and the occult are truly a thing of beauty, and he feels lucky to share even just an ounce of that with anyone who attends his tours. Listen close and keep both eyes peeled because Dreadful Dre will shed some light on the darker corners of Flagstaff’s haunted history.

Meet Dre
Revel Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

Revel The Devil

An enigma in every sense, Revel the Devil promises to woo and wow every person who attends their tour. Highly experienced in connecting with the supernatural and otherworldly, Revel the Devil is not only devilishly good looking but also a charismatic chanteuse, ready to conjure up some fantastic times on tour. Part of what makes a tour with Revel so special is their quick comedic timing and love for the craft of performance, as well as the passion they have for connecting with people (both alive and deceased). Revel also boasts of being inexplicably linked to the world of spirits, and has many of their own stories to tell that will be sure to chill you to the core. When not leading tours, Revel can often be found speedily biking through Flagstaff on the hunt for live music, a bite to eat, and for any additional proof of the existence of the paranormal. And let it be known, they’ve found the music, they’ve found the food, and they’ve found the haunts.

Meet Revel
Sean Downtown Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

Serendipitous Sean

Some say, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and ol’ “Blue Eyes” is living proof of some sapphire peepers that hold all the wisdom and knowledge of a thousand lives. Sean “Blue Eyes” Golightly is an easy-going guide with a head for history and a few haunted tales of his own. Born in Arizona, Golightly is an artist, a scholar, a musician, a writer, the inspiration for the term Renaissance Man, and, if you’re lucky, your personal escort through the paranormal lore of downtown Flagstaff. He delights in delivering chills and chuckles to his nightly guests, and you’ll almost always find him (go figure) lightly dressed. He used to wear black, but the story goes he once walked halfway to the light before turning back, and the dark just wouldn’t stick to him after that. Legends also say, if he and Sinister Sam ever cross paths on the street, there’s bound to be a good ol’ fashion duel in the name of dark and light. If you didn’t believe in ghosts before, take a walk with Sean and you might find yourself seeing things with a fresh set of blue eyes.

Meet Sean
Downtown Michelle Flagstaff Haunted History Tour

Michelle De Los Muertos

A self described Welsh Warrior Woman and Dragon Wrangler, Michelle de los Muertos is anything but pedestrian. Growing up and living all across the continental United States she has encountered many perspectives as well as possible haunted entities. To give you an idea, she lived in a haunted house in Chicago for around 18 years until she decided she didn’t want roommates anymore, and moved out to the desert to find not only cacti but more spectral friends. She is guided by her Ancestors and the spirit of Santa Muerte, and will be sure to guide you through the alleys and streets of a haunted Flagstaff with great vigor. She relishes all aspects of the supernatural realm and embraces ideas that some would call “a little kooky.” But where’s the fun in being just like everyone else? Her fun attitude and rapturous joy for telling stories, will be sure to give you all the chills and thrills you’re looking for on a dark and stormy night here in Downtown Flagstaff. So mark your calendar for the “dia de Michelle de los Muertos” and prepare for the time of your afterlife.

Meet Michelle

Frequently Asked Freaky Questions About Our Tours

What do you know about Flagstaff’s haunted history? What is a guided tour anyways? Read on to find out more and reach out if you need help with anything else.

+ What is an escorted / guided tour?

Are you new to the area or just looking to learn more about your hometown? A guided tour is the perfect way to experience everything Flagstaff’s haunted past has to offer. While any type of exploration is good in our books, a guided tour offers guests the chance to let an expert storyteller guide their haunted history experience. Our guides are local actors and creatives who are fully vaccinated and absolutely love showing other people Flagstaff’s haunted past. So sit back (figuratively!) and enjoy all the benefits of a guided tour with Freaky Foot Tours today!

Escorted tours, also known as packaged tours, follow a specific route and are led by a guide who is knowledgeable on the subject matter. Freaky Foot Tours are walking tours, with the main one taking place through downtown Flagstaff. It is a historical tour that includes stories gathered through the years of ghostly sightings and haunted happenings inside some of the establishments.

+ What is a haunted / ghost tour?

Generally a haunted ghost tour is walking, biking or riding on a specific route through a town like Flagstaff, but sometimes through a house, cemetery or other place that has a reputation of being haunted by ghosts or spirits of the dead. Freaky Foot Tours is a walk (that’s why we’re foot tours!) led by a local guide knowledgeable in the stories told through-out the decades of ghostly sightings, strange noises/voices that people have reported hearing and eerie phenomena that has occurred.

We also want to impart a bit of Flagstaff’s history–sometimes it’s a big part of the haunting! Our ghost tours explore the sordid Wild West history of Flagstaff, Arizona through the historic downtown area and across Route 66 into the tales of death and depravity only the dead can tell.

While we are ghost hunters in our free time, at this moment we do not have a strictly ghost hunting tour. It’s something that we are deeply passionate about and want to bring to our guests in the near future. If you have had a ghost encounter, please share it with us!

Once upon a time Flagstaff was a tiny settlement that sat in the shadow of the San Francisco Peaks. In the mid-1800s the only white settlers were sheepherders and ranchers. All that changed when the Atlantic Pacific Railroad powered its way through in 1882. Like all areas where men toiled at laying the tracks for the great trains, a thriving community popped up around them. Saloons, cafes, gambling halls–there was no end of people ready and willing to help the workers spend their money! Many of these little settlements collapsed as the railroad workers moved on with their work, but Flagstaff had something those towns didn’t. Less than three weeks after the first train chugged through town the whistle on E.E. Ayers sawmill blew. It was open for business–and it was good, steady work for any man who wanted it. Where there was employment you usually found men with families–and where there were families, you usually found churches, schools, merchandising–in other words, the beginnings of a civilized town! The saloons and gambling halls and the women of the night didn’t go away completely–but the town quickly took on a different flavor than most of Arizona.

Outside of its rich history with Native American tribes– which would require several books to document– Flagstaff was first settled by sheep herders and ranchers in the mid-1800s. It was the laying of track for the Atlantic Pacific Railroad in 1882 that sparked the growth of a real town. Wherever the railroad went, men were needed. They worked long days and were paid real money that saloon keepers and grocers and ladies of the evening were only too happy to help them spend! Most small railroad settlements disintegrated as the track layers moved on, but Flagstaff had something most towns didn’t–the largest contingent Ponderosa Pine forest west of the Mississippi. Pine meant lumber and lumber was used by almost everyone in those days–in making railroad ties, building homes–you name it! No sooner after the first train went through than the Ayer’s lumber mill opened, offering good paying jobs and steady work for men and their families. The lumber mills, as well as the availability of the railroad, allowed Flagstaff to grow and continued to provide opportunities for the town’s people.

+ What is / What does the tour guide do?

Our guides are knowledgeable about all of Flagstaff’s haunted history. It’s their passion for the occult and freaky that inspires them to want to share all of it with our guests. Our guides love to show both tourists and locals alike around our town, peeling back the veneer to expose our town’s haunted past.

A professional guide is a storyteller who tells tales of the early days and culture– and other fascinating history– of a town or location. He/She is in charge of leading you safely through a location and back, answering questions and hopefully providing you with an entertaining walk through the past.


Let's hear out some of the success stories

I did the Halloween ghost tour of Flagstaff with a bunch of friends and wow was it fun. Dre's stories not only where interesting they also had a lot of humor and theatrics to it. As someone who has lived here for nearly a decade I also learned a ton about local history and events. I would, and have, recommended this for others and will definitely go and do another tour in the future.

Sean Parson

Excellent tour with great stories. Dre does a wonderful job narrating and setting up the story, while dealing with the normal city noise behind him expertly. Flagstaff has quite a bit to discuss within easy walking distance to City Hall. Definitely worth checking out, but make sure to dress warmly!! There's not as much walking to keep you warm as you'd think as everything is so close together.

Demi Vis

Flagstaff Freaky Foottours was one of the highlights of my trip to Northern Arizona. Though I am not normally into "scary stories" and was not sure what to expect, it was honestly wonderful! Yes, they were ghost stories, but the tour also presented a new side of Flagstaff history that I would have otherwise never heard about. It was honestly fascinating! The tour guide was very informed and personable and the entire tour was just overall very organized. Would absolutely recommend! :)

Bridget De Marco

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True-Crime Tales Of Murder, Suicide, Arson And Rivalry Await You…

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